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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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abc7 news starts now with live, breaking news. >> good evening. we want to get state to some breaking news. you are looking at live pictures from sky 7hd where police are investigating a shooting that happened just a short time ago on highway 101 near the exit here san carlos. we are live with the latest. >> we are here on the shoulder of highway 101 before the holly street exit. as you see behind me, the police have closed the holly street exit because of this accident that apparently is being investigated as a shooting. now let's take a look at this scene from sky 7hd.
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this incident happened at about 1:30. witnesses and the chp said that the car was waving as it traveled southbound on 101 near the holly street exit near san carlos. the car veered off the highway north of the exit and crashed into the fence. chp said there was a shooting victim in the car which also held two other passengers. we believe that the shooting victim was taken to stanford hospital. chp reports are that the shooting victim suffered a head wound. now as far as traffic was concerned, traffic was actually stopped on south -- south on highway 101 for about an hour. in our traffic is moving slowly. traffic actually north bound is moving very slowly past this scene which the highway patrol is investigating as a crime scene. taking a look at the investigation going on now. again, we believe that there were three people in the car. one was a shooting victim that was taken apparently to the stanford hospital. we aren't sure of what the
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condition of the other two individuals are. we also don't have information just yet as to how this apparently happened, but we do know from those reports that the car was seen weaving before it finally veered off the freeway. the chp spokesperson is headed this way and we hope to have an update for abc7 news at six. reporting live in san carlos, abc7 news. >> a huge mess out there. thank you. right now, the u.s. coast guard is searching for two people who disappearance when their fishing boat capsized. it happened in san mateo county. it's been six hours and the search continues for two men who have not made it to shore. we are at stanford medical center where rescue crews rushed one of the survivors. >> it seems like a pretty guesscy day at the samford medical center. he was airlifted here earlier in the day. they tell us he is one of four people on a fishing expedition
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earlier today. deputies say the 18-foot boat they were aboard was tossed by a large wave as they were close to shore. as you see from the images, the boat crashed on some rocks and came to rest upside down. coast guard helicopter and a number of rescue boats were launched to look for the two people who remain missing in the water but the teams have now started winding down their efforts. i talked with a nearby residents who said one of the survivors made it to his house to call 911 and then he went to try to help. >> it wasn't that big of a boat. that, and the life vests, which i also saw in the water and the guy told me they weren't wearing them. so, i don't know, i didn't think it would turn out well for them. >> you have to imagine it's very traumatic. one of them is very hypothermic for for him to regain his senses and make it all the way up to these houses is very likely. >> deputies tell me that it took that survivor about an hour to make it from the beach to the
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nearby homes to call for help. the family of those still missing was at the scene of the search, but the names have not been released of those who remain missing. one of the survivors was suffering from hypothermia, another one from possible broken arm and shock. one brought to stanford medical center and another one taken to another hospital. police department have that information available. reporting live in palo alto, abc7 news. okay. thank you, sergio. a number of inland areas are seeing temperatures right now nearing 100 degrees. it's going to get even hotter in some spots tomorrow. let's go straight to meteorologist leigh glaser with the latest. >> you see live doppler 7 hd behind me showing very little in the way of fog out there thanks to the wind shifting to more offshore as it did overnight last night. here is a look at some current readings, folks. yes, no records yet, but as the day wears on, give it about another hour or so, we will see if the temperatures jump
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up-close to record range. right now it's 97 in livermore, 96 antioch, concord 96 degrees, 88 san rafael. 74 in san francisco and los gatos, 97 degrees. they are up some 16 degrees today and napa up 6 and 12 in fremont. san francisco up 17 degrees from this time yesterday. up 11 in san jose. more high heat tomorrow. a spare the air day is in place for our monday. inland east bay, santa clara valley, that's where the poorest readings will be. we will take a look and see lhen this will coop off coming up. >> thank you. shoppers in san francisco will have to bring their own shopping bags with them or dig up dimes when they go to grocery stars tomorrow. a new city law goes into effect tomorrow making paper or recyclable bags your only choice. there won't be plastic bags.
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they will also betrayed charge shoppers ten cents for every bag they use. >> it will motivate people to be more environmentally conscious. overall i say it's a good thing. >> city leaders hope the extra charge will encourage people to carry reusable tote bags with them when they go shopping. a busy weekend for the governor, who faces a midnight deadline to face a pile of bills sitting on his desk. so far he has vetoed a measure that would have allowed judges to recognize multiple parents if it's in the best interest of a child. the governor signed the fair sentencing act for youth that will give some minors sentence to life without parole a chance to earn parole after 15 years. and a bail requiring parents who choose not to get their parents immunized to sign a statement saying they received a statement about the risks and benefits of vaccines. >> we demand and expect that
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governor brown will sign these bills into law. >> immigrant rights activists pleaded with the governor to pass two bills during a ramly at u.c. berkeley this afternoon. one bill would allow undocumented students to get california driver licenses. another would exempt california police from turning over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities unless they have been convicted or charged with a serious crime. >> we are all californians with or without papers. there's no reason why the undocumented immigrant community should be continued to be subjected to second class citizenship in the state of california. >> currently the federal government secure communities law requires local police to turn over undocumented immigrants who are accused of minor and nonviolent crimes, even if they don't have a prior criminal record. san jose police are investigating the city's 34th homicide of the year. police say it started with a fight near the burn-all road and hospital ray highway just before 1:00 this morning. officers found a man suffering
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from at least one stab wound. he died a short time later at the hospital. no arrests have been made. the trial is set to begin tomorrow for the woman charged with murdering nursing student michelle lee. prosecutors say giselle esteban killed lee because she was jealous of lee's relationship with her ex-boyfriend. lee disappeared last may. her body was found nearly four months later in a remote area between pleasanton and simole. family members say they will be at the trial. up next, preparing for the big debate. there's a lot on the line for both presidential candidates, but political pundits say it could be make-or-break for one in particular. also a new twist to
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>> now your voice, your vote. president obama and mitt romney took time off the campaign trail today as they propose for their first debate. the president gradually pulling ahead in the polls, most analysts believe it will be a crucial night for president obama. chris christie says he expects romney to deliver. >> i think what we need is a big and bold performance on wednesday night and that's what he's going to give us. >> this is the ballgame for mitt romney right any because if he doesn't do well at the debate it will be very hard for him to get back in it. >> meanwhile president obama is reportedly hold up in this nevada resort preparing to confront romney. >> what the president will have to do early on is to jump start this the way you would do a jump ball and make sure that mitt romney never gets the ball back. >> if the election were held today, an associated press poll shows mr. obama well within
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reach of the 270 electoral votes needed for a win with ohio and iowa now among the states he would carry. romney would need to quickly gain the upper hand in nearly all of the nine states where he and the president are competing the hardest. you can see the first debate between mitt romney and president obama right here on abc7. abc news, your voice, your vote. live debate coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. this wednesday. the u.s. supreme court will begin their new term tomorrow and the justices may weigh in on proposition 8. just as clarence thomas and colleagues attended a red mass at the cathedral in washington d.c., the church hosts the annual mass to pray for the judges. the court will hear arguments on october 10th that could further limit or even end affirmative action for college admission. also an appeal to sustain prop 8 could be heard in november. california voters approved a ban on same-sex marriage four years
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ago. a messy situation on stage proves justin bieber is one dedicated performer. the story ahead and plus a portion of san francisco is now oracle world. the company's big convention could cause some big headaches if you are trying to get around downtown. that story ahead. and the heat will peak
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right now in san francisco the keynote speech of the oracle world open world conference. it's being held at the moscone center. part of howard street is close today traffic and several muni bus lines are expected. the conference is expected to ail tract about 50,000 people and generate an estimated $120 million in revenue for the city. oracle open world runs through thursday. pop star justin bieber was forced to leave the stage twice
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on the first contest on national tour. a bug got the best of him in arizona and he vomited twice on stage. he left the stage after each episode but returned and even did an encore. he later tweeted great show. getting better for tomorrow's show. he later added and milk was a bad choice. hope he's all better for his performance at oakland's oracle arena which is next saturday. leigh glaser standing by to show us the hotspots today. >> this time yesterday we had a lot of fog making its way through the marin headlands and kissing the deck of the golden gate bridge. get ready for clear sky tonight. don't forget we still have the full moon out this evening so it should be a terrific night indeed. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. you get pretty much the story here. not a lot of fog. yesterday we had on shore winds. today they have switched to more
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offshore, so just limited fog and the coast tonight should see clear skies. it's been the offshore winds of that really heated us up today. 99 degrees right now in livermore. that is our record for today. 96 in antioch. concord right now feeling the heat, 95. we have 92 in napa, 92 in san rafael. san francisco, 73 degrees. we are 82 in mountain view and san jose right now mild, 88 degrees. so we will go with clear sky tonight, less coastal fog. the hottest day will actually be tomorrow. temperatures will come up another three, four degrees from where we are today and after that get ready for some cooling by wednesday and thursday. temperatures will drop as much as 10 to 15 degrees. all right. this is how it's going to take shape tomorrow. high pressure will really be over us, bringing us that sinking air. also the warm land breezes. wind flowing from land to sea and that's going to mean more heat hanging on, especially inland with temperatures
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tomorrow once again near 100 degrees. in fact, here is a look at the forecasted highs for tomorrow. next to the record highs for tomorrow as well. santa rosa 96. the record is 102. probably won't reach that. oakland 87. 103 is the record. redwood city, 90. the record is 93. so we could possibly see a record there, as well as in san jose. some of this heat waive not as strong as we had anticipated. that's why the excessive heat advisory and watch was cancelled this morning. that's because we still have a little bit of a sea breeze right near the coast. overnight temperatures, 60s inland, 60s coastside and maybe upper 40s in the north bay. here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. remember coming up two, three, maybe as much as four degrees tomorrow. tomorrow will be the last day before the cooling take place. san francisco 82. 96 isn't regulationa. interior east bay 100 for antioch, 101 for livermore. san jose in the heat as well at
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94. gilmour 100 degrees. watsonville 90 and monterey, head to the coast, 76. one more day of excessive heat. tuesday and really into wednesday, that's when the low clouds and fog will return. the sea breeze will be with us and that will mean cooler temperatures ahead. you guys, 49er fans, 49,000 viewers have liked us on facebook and all of eligible to enter our sweepstakes to win $49,000. just go to and click the "win $49,000" butt on and that will take you to the page where you fill out the entry form. we will announce the game october 18th after the game on abc7. >> someone will win big. >> yeah. >> and shumann is pretty accurate. last night he said the raiders and 49ers would both win. >> i went out on a limb with the raiders and 2 broke. and jets got involved, including
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jim harbaugh has so many on offense it's tough to get everyone involved. that's collin at quarterback. jim harbaugh said i have your tim tebow right here, recollection ryan. 50 yards rush on the day, 7-0, 49ers. and jets quarterback, sanchez, a rough day. late second quarter, smith force
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as fumble. 49ers get a field goal and led at the half. got youler in the second half. he slips, hurts his foot and fumbles. returns 51 yards for the touchdown. jets four turnovers, 145 yards on the day. san francisco played a complete game. offense, defense, special teams. larry grant with the punt block. that sets up a short such down run by kendall hunter. 245 yards rushing and three 26789ds. improving 3-1 and 34-0 shutout of the jets. >> our players really, really played well. there was a lot of fight, a lot of energy. they brought a lot of energy to this game. >> pretty angry, yep. pretty angry. but i'm disappointed. i know our fans deserve a heckuva lot better than this. we had a packed stadium and we played like -- we laid terrible. >> raidners denver. peyton manning and his broncos,
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manning takes them 81 yards. 22-yard touchdown, 7-0, broncos. third quarter, manning again. this time to eric decker. he will go down the sideline, 17 yards. 17-6 denver. did the raiders show up today? carson palmer and the raiders could get nothing going. palmer, 19 of 34, 202 yards, no touchdowns. almost picked off here. meanwhile manning through for 338 yards and three t ds. this one he trots into the end zone. broncos had the ball over half the game. raiders worst to performance of the year. 37-6, the final. all right, a's hosting seattle and could close the gap on the rangers who lost the first game of the double-header today against the angels. the a's are an exciting team to watch this year. a's led 2-0. justin smoak, rbi single. a 2-2 game. looking for the go-ahead run in the ticket.
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watch josh donaldson rob smoak to get the final out of the inning. check it out, a great play. that would be a game-safer because in the eighth, cespedes drills it down the line. 3-2, a's. two batters later, josh reddick. see ya. his third home run in the last four games. a two-run shot. a's won 5-26789 they are a game and a half behind the rangers for a division lead. 2 1/2 ahead of the angels for the final wildcard spot. padres hosting the giants and who said divided loyalties can get alone. giants trail. 100th home run for the giants this season ties it at five. two batters later, home run number 101 from hunter pence. two-run shot. giants take the 7-5 victory. on to l.a. to end the regular season with three against the dodgers. and you will not believe the ending of golf's ryder cup today. we will have it for you coming up at six. >> can't wait to see it. thank you, schu.
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>> coming up, an image of the bay area will
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sky 7hd brings us more breaking news, this time from san jose. that's where a car burt into flames after plowing into a pole along northbound interstate 680 near the capital express way traffic. it looks like the fire spread to nearby trees and shrubs.
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bystanders helped people escape from the burning car but one person calls what officials are calling major injuries. coming up in a half-hour on abc7 news at six, the big delivery. the postal service won't make tonight that could get it into hot water. and the efforts to save a community mural. we will tell you what the community members are trying to prevent tonight on abc7 news at six. and finally, a stunning image from the bay area is being featured in a new set of stamps. check it out. berkeley photographer barry, took this image of the salt bonds near the san mateo bridge in 1983. the bonds no longer exist. the stamp is one of 15 earth skip stamps. he will be at the main post office tomorrow morning for the release of that stamp. that's it for abc7 news at five. i'm allen long along with leigh and schu we will be back at six. good night. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc


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